Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby

Harrison Hickman, Staff Writer

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By Harrison Hickman

40 years ago Bill Cosby was known for his delightful wittiness and humor. Now he is in the spotlight for a different reason.

   All across America, women have been taking a stand against sexual assault, this has been the result of the famous #metoo movement that started with several women who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. As this movement has rolled across America, more and more women have spoken out against their assailants and shed light on the dark and ominous topic of sexual assault.

  One of the latest people to be convicted of this heinous crime is none other than Bill Cosby. Cosby has been charged with multiple accusations of sexual assault from over 5 different women who claim that he drugged them and then further proceeded to coerce them to perform sexual acts.

   These claims have been vehemently denied by Cosby who claims that the women are trying to paint him in a bad light.

  Nevertheless, the courts have ruled in favor of the victims. On September 25th 2018, Bill Cosby was arrested and taken to the Montgomery County correctional facility where he will most likely live out the rest of his days without parole.

   Social media has had an incredible and passionate response to Cosby’s arrest with many who are relieved that he is now behind bars.

Students at RJR have also spoken up on this issue.

   “If Bill Cosby did that stuff then he totally deserves what he got and more”, junior Logan Harris said.

 This latest arrest has felt like a victory for the #metoo movement who has been working to shed light on more assailants.

    “I think its great and super brave that these women have taken up for themselves and for women around the world by standing up to this monster”, junior Nell Watts said.

   Cosby is trying desperately to cut short his imprisonment, he has called his wife multiple times from the jail, begging her to use all funds necessary to, “get me out of here.” Many think that Bill Cosby is beginning to ‘go daffy’ as he is in shock with the way his life has taken a turn.

   “I think that Bill is starting to go off the deep end with how he is apparently acting in prison” Watts said.

   Sexual assault is a very tragic thing that occurs in our society and it needs to be eradicated.

   The #metoo movement is taking the most important steps to ensure that this problem does not exist in the future.

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