Venom the Anti-Hero

Venom the Anti-Hero

Emelie Patti, Staff Writer

By Emelie Patti

The movie Venom came out in theaters October 5 nationwide. Venom, a new action-packed thriller, was directed by Ruben Fleischer. Venom is played by Tom Hardy and Carlton Drake, the antagonist, is played by Riz Ahmed. Although Venom is a Marvel character, this movie was not produced by Marvel Studios but by Marvel Entertainment. Unlike Marvel Studios, Marvel Entertainment is not owned by Disney and is in fact not even part of the same Marvel Cinematic Universe. Venom was last seen in film in the movie Spiderman 3 which was produced in 2007. Venom was the films antagonist. However, this new Venom movie does not include Spiderman. Fleischer’s wanted to make the movie more of an original content about Venom.

   Eddie Brock, a San Francesco journalist, tries to expose Carlton Drake, founder of the Life Foundation, who has been using humans as an experiment to create a superhuman. When Brock discovers this, he accidentally exposes himself to the alien, Venom.Venom is an alien symbiote that requires a host to live, usually a human. While the dark Venom is merged with Brock, they become one and start to test there new found powers.

   Sophomore Slate Northington has her own opinions on Marvel character Venom. “I think he represents the manipulative side of ourselves. He takes advantage of people a lot throughout the movie. I think that some aspects of him are villainous, but over all i want to believe that he has a good side. He is a villian when he attacks and murders people, but somewhere Venom can be controlled by his humanside,” Northington said.

    This film served as wonderful entertainment with its humorous dialogue and suspenseful scenes. The transformations from human to alien were unbelievably real, although the dialogue was sub-par. During the movie, I was having a hard time determining whether it was supposed to be funny or serious. The actor’s tones and attitudes made it a bit confusing for the audience to really comprehend what they were feeling.

   Some people have strong feelings about Venom.  Sophomore Anna Hudson comments on how she feels about Venom. “At first  I thought Venom was a villain, but now i think he is a much more complex character since I saw how he gained his powers. I think Venom had never intended  to be bad but in the end he would ultimately become evil. I feel like the more he is able to control the Venom thing investing in him the more good he is,” Hudson said.

   Former RJR Student, Ethan Patti, shares what he thinks about Venom as well. “I didn’t like his character in this movie because he was trying to be too funny. He was more of an anti hero in this movie which was not good bc he is usually a bad guy,” Patti said.

   If I were to rate Venom from a scale 1-10, I would give a total score of 5. I was not very impressed due to the lack of acting and dialogue. I think I was expecting more coming from the actors, directors and the producers.

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