The Return of Tiger Woods


Charlie Mensh, Staff Writer

By Charlie Mensh

The return of tiger woods is one that is unique from any comeback story. Tiger woods was once the best golfer to walk any golf course in the world. He was winning almost every tournament he played in including major championships. He was so special that he was regarded as the most excited and best golfer ever. He racked up 79 PGA tour wins in this time in the early 2000’s. 14 of those were majors which put him second all time behind only Jack Nicklaus. Woods was on top of the world, but that quickly went downhill. Things began to go wrong in November 2009. Woods crashed his Cadillac into a fire hydrant and a tree after pulling out of his Florida mansions driveway at 2.25am. It happened two days after a story was published alleging he had had an affair. This turned his life upside down for a while and he lost his focus and groove on the golf course due to the incident. He then took long breaks from golf due to lack of focus and many injuries.

   He tore his ACL in the final round of a tournament that he won which pushed him back tremendously. Additionally he was plagued with back pains that followed him for over a decade. He was charged with driving under the influence in 2017 which finally put him over the edge. He was at the lowest point in his life and he had to change. He started to really work on golf again and fix everything he had ruined by playing great golf again. The return of Woods to tournaments gives lots of excitement for those that followed him from the beginning. Tiger won the fedex cup championship at east lake golf club while securing his record of 24-24 when leading Going into the final round. He had a massive crowd following his every move and going crazy every shot he hit. The Tiger Woods fans are fully confident that he can win many more tournaments by what he has been showing recently by how he has been performing.

   “Tigers return brings lots of excitement to the game that some people find boring and it really is great for the game,” said junior Blake Brantley.

   Tiger has just recently returned to being his old self by winning his first tournament in 5 years.

   “I think he will win another major, but I just don’t know how soon it will be” said basketball coach Billy Martin.

   Golf fans around the world are very anxious to see how Woods will play moving forward and the excitement of the return of golf due to Tiger woods. He looks to win another major this coming year and climb closer to the all time record after some believed he’d never play golf again.

Photo Provided by Creative Commons