Stories of the Summer

Harrison Hickman, Staff Writer

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By Harrison Hickman

Summer is a time for traveling, relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family.  The students of RJ Reynolds High school take that to the next level. On summer vacation, RJR students have traveled the world, developed new relationships with new friends and fostered current relationships with old friends. Many students took trips around the  and some even left the country for the first time.

   Students like junior Caroline Hoyle thoroughly enjoyed their summer break by taking big family trips.

   “This summer I went on a cruise to St Thomas and St Martin. It was really fun and it was the first time I left the country since I was young.” Hoyle said.

   Many students also enjoy just hanging out at home during their summer such as junior Devin Averitt “I took a few small trips but I mainly just hung out at home and played Fortnite with friends”.

   As the game Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm, many teens spent a large  portion of their summer just playing with friends. With the new ortnite season students were even more compelled to play the game with a renewed fervor.

  While many students sat at home playing Fortnite, other RJR students explored the great outdoors.

       “ I went up to the mountains with friends the last week before school started” Watts said.

   Morgan Bacon enjoyed her summer by taking a trip to the great state of Hawaii.

   “On my trip to Hawaii, I got to scuba dive and get to see a coral and reef and all of the animals that lived there including a live sea turtle” Bacon said.

   Summer means different things to everyone, to some it means spending lazy days at the pool, and yet to others it can mean going on life-changing adventures all around the world.     

   The RJR family had an electrifying summer this year with students traveling, the globe and forming new worldwide connections.