AOM Jamoi Hodge Impresses Early in the Season


John Paynter, Sports Editor

By John Paynter

Senior Jamoi Hodge, linebacker for the men’s football team, immediately impressed spectators and coaches alike in the first few games of the 2018 season. Hodge started out with a bang, scoring five tackles against Southwest Guilford,  four of them being sacks. In the Demons game against Winston Salem Prep, Hodge completed two sacks and had a total of six tackles.

   “I have done better than I thought I would this season,” Hodge said. “But there are still a lot of things that I can improve.”

  Hodge is an influential figure for the team both on the field and in the weight room, his leadership and work ethic motivate the entire team.

   “[Hodge] has done an excellent job being not only a leader for the defense, but also the team,” said Coach Rod Dunlap. “He commands and demands greatness out of himself and his teammates.”

   Hodge strives to be the best athlete he can be by training hard in and out of practice, in addition to not slacking off in the classroom, planning to take his athletic abilities to the Division 1 collegiate level next year. He has expressed interest in, and plans to attend, Wake Forest University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, or East Carolina University next fall.

   “I would like to see [Hodge] continue to elevate his game at the next level,” said Coach Dunlap. “He’s only scratching the surface of his potential.”

   So far this season, it is clear that Hodge is not afraid to make valuable tackles for his team. Hodge has quite the reputation of bringing the heat onto the field.

    “Jamoi brings the physicality to the field,” said Coach Dunlap. “He’s a very instinctive player and can bring the punishment.”

   While not only bringing the solo tackles, Hodge, as well as Coach Dunlap, have high hopes and expectations for the Demons this fall. Both have a common goal of a successful playoff run this season.

   “We have the tools to make a deep run this year,” said Coach Dunlap. “We must stay focused and healthy.”

   Hodge is excited to have a successful fall season with his teammates. After all, it is Demon season.

   “I’d like to see the team play to the end of the game, no matter if we down by 50 or if we up by 50,” added Hodge.

Photo provided by Jamoi Hodge