Fortnite Season 4: Is it worth it?

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Fortnite Season 4: Is it worth it?

Alex Grosswald, Staff Writer

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   Everyone by now is aware of the video game that has taken the world by storm, Fortnite. With growing popularity, Fortnite has been able to take over the video game industry because they have created an easy to use, very social atmosphere that attract players from across the globe. With the recent arrival of the new season four Battle Pass, Fortnite’s success and popularity are about to skyrocket.

   With 950 v-bucks, the in-game currency, any player can buy the new battle pass and unlock the rewards that the battle pass offers. The previous battle pass for season three featured a space theme, while the new battle pass features a superhero and villain theme.

   Another factor that contributes to Fornite’s success is their customer service. Buying the battle pass does two things, it allows the players to complete challenges to earn the new gear listed above, and it also returns money along the way. The battle pass costs 950 v-bucks, which equates to about ten U.S. dollars, so by the end of the season you will have enough money to buy the next battle pass for free. However, if you purchase emotes or featured skins that are not part of the battle pass, you may have to throw in some extra money.    

    “I think Battle Pass four is both exciting and underwhelming. While the new guns,    abilities, and healing devices are good, I think the new skins you get from the new season are mediocre,” junior John Powers said.    

   The new battle pass includes seven new skins, four new gliders, two new axes, and six new trails. Even though the battle pass only features specific new gear, Fortnite has an item shop where new unique skins, axes, and emotes rotate each day. This incredible aspect of the game is what keeps the players interested, and what leaves the players wondering what Fortite will introduce next.

   “The new map is okay as well. While the concept of moonrocks and the meteor is cool, the new location, Dusty Depot, doesn’t have that much to offer,” junior Bennett Blanco said.

   Season four was a huge season for Fortnite, because it was the first time new locations, power-ups, and healing devices were introduced. Despite the popular belief that Tilted Towers would be the location getting destroyed, it was actually Dusty Depot. Now there is a huge crater indention which is filled with moon rocks. These moonrocks are consumable and allow players to jump higher and travel faster across the map. Additionally, there are now apples resting beneath certain trees that if consumed, restore health.

  With all these new additions, it will be interesting to see how the game changes with the arrival of the next season.