Why do we have class during AP exams?


Sophia Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

    The stress of AP exams can really hit students hard. They spend hours studying and preparing for the important tests. Despite the fact that this time proves to challenge students, they still have to attend regular classes.

    AP exams are hour long exams which is hard enough to sit through as it is. To have to attend classes before or after a long exam is practically abusive. Some students don’t even have time to eat lunch between class and the exam. How can schools expect students to perform well if they are malnourished?

    Students should be excused from class on the day of the exam and the day before. This will allow time for studying and rest so students can come into the exam refreshed and ready to go.

    Most students would agree that having class the day for the exam does not help them on the exam. Teachers sometimes fail to understand that if the student doesn’t know the material the day before the exam, they will not be able to absorb it in that day and perform well.

    “I think attendance should not be counted during AP exam weeks. If students need the review periods they should go to class on their own doing but should not be forced to go to classes if they could be spending time studying for other exams,” senior Sarah Rice said.

    At a certain point it becomes the students responsibility to study and prepare for the exam. If that student does not care about doing well, going to class will not change that.

    Mandatory attendees during AP exams is not beneficial to students because it takes time away from preparation for exams. Especially if the class is not an AP course, there is no reasonable explanation for making the students attend.

    It’s not that students want to skip class just to skip. They are mentally, physically and emotionally drained from hours of testing. They cannot be active participants in class, so why should they go? What good will it really do?

    Students in AP classes are clearly working hard and applying themselves so when they are taking exams, they should not be forced to extra work that has no long term benefit.