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Are Juuls Really That Cuul?

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Are Juuls Really That Cuul?

Ben Westcott, Staff Writer

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A new craze has developed across the country that has allowed for possibly millions of underage teens to be addicted to nicotine.

 When it launched in 2015, JUUL Labs was founded as a sub-division of PAX Labs as a cigarette alternative. They released a small device paired with different flavored JUUL Pods. A pod fits into the top of the device and all the user has to do is suck on the end and vapor is released. Since the JUUL was designed to help cigarette smokers quit, the nicotine content in the pods is very high; one pod being the equivalent to one pack of cigarettes.

 “I use it everyday, and I have admitted to myself that I became easily addicted to nicotine because of the JUUL” says a Reynolds student who asked to be anonymous.

 As it gained popularity, especially among underage users, parents, schools and the government have turned their heads to investigate. Currently, the FDA (food and drug administration) is investigating JUUL Labs for advertising their product to the underage population.

 The FDA recently released a statement saying: “ The information we’re requesting includes: documents related to product marketing; research on the health, toxicological, behavioral or physiologic effects of the products, including youth initiation and use; whether certain product design features, ingredients or specifications appeal to different age groups; and youth-related adverse events and consumer complaints associated with the products”

 Throughout this investigation, the FDA will research JUUL usage by collecting data from gas stations that sell JUUL products. Some gas stations, even some in Winston Salem, are known by minors to not check for an ID for proof of age. This is one of the many things that the FDA is trying to put a stop to. The FDA has also targeted online merchants like Ebay, who was unknowingly selling JUUL products without any age verification. Ebay released a statement saying that they had removed all tobacco products from their site and they will no longer be allowing buying and selling of tobacco products. Also, JUUL has made steps to prevent underage use. Recently, JUUL raised the age on ordering JUUL products on their website from 18 to 21.

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Are Juuls Really That Cuul?