NHL Playoffs Skate Into Action

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NHL Playoffs Skate Into Action

John Paynter

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As round two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs come to a close, the tensions rise on and off the ice for players and fans alike.  Pittsburgh Penguins fans look for the 3-peat, while many others hope to see a different team take home the Cup this year.

Making a new appearance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, as well as the NHL, the Los Vegas Golden Knights shocked the hockey world by making a strong push for the Cup after their first year as an official NHL team. The Knights have secured a spot in the Stanley Cup Final after overcoming the San Jose Sharks in a 4-2 series win.

“The Los Vegas Golden Knights are the team of destiny,” Ryan Eisner, a junior and hockey fan, said. “They’re definitely going to win the Cup.”

On the other side of the ice is a nail biting series between the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins are looking for their third straight Stanley Cup as the Capitals hope to win the Cup for the first time in their history.

“The Capitals have had a history of blowing it in the Stanley Cup Playoffs,” junior Anson Waldorf said. “The Caps do really well in the regular season and then the Penguins blow past them in the playoffs and win the Cup, it happens like every year.”

The Pittsburgh Penguins, who are the clear favorite, have had a strong year, especially in the postseason. However, they currently sit behind the Capitals in a 2-3 series. This series will come down to the performance of two hockey legends. With Sidney Crosby facing off against Alexander Ovechkin; both veterans show promise for their team in the playoffs.

As Round 2 comes to a close after the next couple of games, the pressure is on for these teams. Will the Knights get their first Stanley Cup win in their first season as a team? Or will one of the two veteran teams take it from them? Only time will tell.