Meek’s ‘Million’ Year Sentence Garners Protests

Renowned Philadelphia rapper, Meek Mill.

Renowned Philadelphia rapper, Meek Mill.

Alex Grosswald, Deputy News Editor

    Meek Mill, an award winning and very popular American rapper, could be put behind bars for a very long time due to a probation violation.

   Mill has been on probation because of a drug and gun case that took place in 2008. Earlier this year, Mill was caught and arrested for fighting, and popping wheelies on his dirt bike. Depending on the Pennsylvania court’s ruling, Mill could spend two to four years in a state prison because these actions violated his parole.

   “He was first arrested for illegally carrying a gun, and they sentenced him to eight months in jail and five years of probation. That seems extremely harsh considering that he didn’t shoot anyone or incite any violence,” sophomore Noah Gottlieb said.

   These harsh punishments on Mill have caused Mill’s fellow artists to step up and rally behind him. Artists including Rick Ross and Jay Z have spoken out and now the whole criminal justice system is being debated.

   “The severity could have to do with race, but it could also have to do with fame. I definitely don’t think a regular joe would get hounded by the courts like this,” Gottlieb said.

   Coincidently, Mill was sentenced one day prior to the election of Larry Krasner, a Philadelphia district attorney who promised to focus on criminal justice reform. Also, Mill’s attorney intends to appeal Mill’s sentence given out by Genece E. Brinkley because he believes that the judge shouldn’t be this “close to the case”.

   Mill’s lawyer said during an interview that Mill has been on probation for 10 years now. Mill’s lawyer stated that nobody ever goes on probation for 10 years. In response to this unreasonable sentencing, Jay Z has started requesting that his fans sign a petition for Mill, who is signed to his recording label, Roc Nation. This petition requests that the Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf reevaluate the sentencing.

   “Personally, I don’t think [Meek] Mill was wrongfully incriminated. However, I do think that his punishment is way to severe,” senior Kate Overman said.

   The future is unclear for Mill and all the information is being processed by the courts. Will this court case spur a movement? Or will Mill receive his initial sentence? Only time will tell.     

(Update:  Meek Mill was finally released from prison on Tuesday, March 24th, after spending roughly five months incarcerated. He posted the following on Instagram as a message to his fans.)