Who is Ninja? And Why Should I Care?

Ninja, the gaming icon, appearing on CNBC to discuss the lucrative fortune he has found in streaming.

Ninja, the gaming icon, appearing on CNBC to discuss the lucrative fortune he has found in streaming.

Charlie Cochrane, Staff Writer

  Tyler Blevins, better known in the video gaming world as “Ninja,” has become an online phenom in the live streaming community called “Twitch.” Twitch is an online site that allows video gamers all over the world to stream their own gaming performances live for anyone to watch. Ninja is most known for live streaming his “Fortnite” games.

   Ninja is the most popular live streamer on the Twitch network, with 5,851,480 followers, averaging 113,476 viewers per stream. In March 2018 he broke the record for twitch live streaming viewers with 630,000 viewers after playing a game with rappers Drake and Travis Scott, as well as professional football player JuJu Smith-Schuster.

   “I watch Ninja because he is the best Fortnite player in the world and playing Fortnite is something that I like to do. I love watching Ninja because the things he does to his opponents are amazing,” junior Jack Peatross said.

   Ninja makes $500,000 a month through Twitch subscriptions to his profile. Viewers can also donate small amounts of money while watching Ninja play during his live streams. Ninja is currently a professional gamer for Luminosity Gaming, a professional esports video gaming organization. He joined Luminosity gaming in 2017 as a Halo player and later moved to Playerunknown’s Battleground, better known as PUBG. Ninja currently plays Fortnite for Luminosity Gaming.

    Ninja began playing Fortnite and uploading his games to Youtube, where he gained attention that turned viewers towards his live streaming Twitch accounts. A few viral videos of some highlight plays in Fortnite on Twitter and before he knew it he was a Twitch legend.

    “I like to watch Ninja because he is filthy. He is naturally gifted at gaming and watching him play is crazy, some of the things he does are just mind blowing. I like to copy some of the things he does and use them myself when I play Fortnite,” senior Will Rawlings said.

    Ninja’s numbers continue to increase as Fortnite gains popularity around the world every day. Ninja is gaining subscribers every day and is making more and more money off of each person who subscribes, he currently has a $3.5 million net worth.