Victory Royale! Fortnite is here to stay


Charlie Cochrane, Staff Writer

There is a new craze in the video game world, it is Epic Games’ new release “Fortnite.”  Fortnite was first revealed at thene Spike Video Game Awards (VGA) in 2011, with Epic’s previous director of design Cliff Bleszinski who introduced a trailer for the game. A paid early access to the game was first released in July of 2016, but recently when the game became available in September of 2017 the game gained popularity exponentially until it took control of the gaming world and is now one of the most popular games out rated among teens.

“I like playing Fortnite compared to other games because it is a different playing style compared to other combat games and is much more difficult to become good at, the way you can become creative and do your own thing is awesome and makes the game really fun to play with your friends,” junior Charles Wattleworth said.

There are two different game modes to fortnite, you can either play “Battle Royale,” or “Save the World.”  In Battle Royale, essentially you are one of 100 people dropped off on an island, your goal is to get as many supplies and weapons as possible in order to compete and defeat your enemies. As the game progresses there is an unavoidable, deadly storm you do not want to get caught in. In order to stay out of the storm you must be inside the eye of the storm, which shrinks every 3 minutes causing competitors to become closer and closer to one another over time. In the end the last one standing is victorious.

In the “Save the World” game mode, it is more of an objective story mode part to the game, helping explain the story behind the mysterious storm, and the isolated abandoned island that you land on each time you play the “Battle Royale” game mode. “Battle Royale” is the most commonly preferred gamemode played among teens.

“I like playing ‘Battle Royale’ more than the “Save the World” game mode because it is really fun to play with your friends, something you can not do in “Save the World. In “Battle Royale” you have the ability to build houses and buildings to hide out in form your opponents giving you a chance to really be creative, which is something I really like about Fortnite compared to other games.” Sophomore James Wilson said.

With new updates coming out every other week or so, Fortnite has major potential in becoming increasingly popular as it already is. The game is extremely flexible, there are so many possible different ways the game could go. That being said we should expect big and exciting things in the months, or years to come from Fortnite and Epic Games’.