Hello Heelys!

2001_02_16 FTR - Heelys shoes distributor Scott Adams takes a pair for a spin.

2001_02_16 FTR - Heelys shoes distributor Scott Adams takes a pair for a spin.

Alex Grosswald, Staff Writer

Heelys are a thing of the past. That statement brings up one question in my mind, why? When Heelys came out, there was nothing like them. While most dealt with the labor of walking, people with Heelys utilized the more efficient mode of transportation to get places faster and in style.

Some people do not wear Heelys because they think they are too cool for them; others say they are too dangerous on steep downward slopes. But there are way more advantages than disadvantages to wearing Heelys.

With Heelys, the burden of walking is removed from people’s lives. People can now glide to wherever they are going instead of lifting one leg  after another. Not only that, but they are also extremely comfortable to wear. Another advantage is that the wheels come out and the Heelys are turned into regular sneakers. They are so normal looking that you wouldn’t tell they are Heelys when the wheels are out.

Heelys also come in many different styles. They are multi-purpose so you know they are worth the money. They come in all sorts of colors and styles,rom a deep  red with flames, to a nice calming blue, Heelys will always have a shoe that you fancy.

Heelys deserve the respect of every person on this planet. From young active kids, to the feeble elderly, there will always be a pair of Heelys out there. They are comfortable, efficient, stylish, easy, and fun. Whenever life gets me down, I jump into a pair of Heelys and glide around town. After doing so, I immediately feel refreshed.

I can’t imagine wearing another shoe because Heelys have it all. The versatility of this product is unmatched, especially in the shoe world. Whenever you go out to find your next pair of perfect shoes, think of one word and one word only, Heelys.