Second Semester Seniors

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Second Semester Seniors

Sophia Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

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    After seven semesters of hard work, late nights and trying to be the perfect students, second semester seniors finally have a chance to breathe. The question is: Should they?

    This is is an easy choice for many seniors. They stop working in school and stop worrying about doing well. Some seniors continue working as hard as they can but many slack off.

    It is clear that the best choice is to not work too hard but not to completely give up. Maintaining your GPA for college is important and if you don’t pass all of your classes, your acceptance can be rescinded. You do not want to go into college with a low GPA so, make sure you maintain your grades.

    “You should work hard if you got into a really prestigious college and are trying to get a scholarship,” senior Claire Kindsvater said.

    It is just important to know that missing one homework assignment to hang out with your friends is okay. You have a limited time left with your family and friends and you shouldn’t throw away those last experiences together to do homework that won’t help you in the end.

In the end, a few bad test grades or missed assignments will not be the end of the world and you will be happier that you took the time to spend doing and being with people you love.

    You have worked so hard for four years so once you have a set plan after graduation you do not have to worry about perfection and you can take the time to relax and enjoy yourself.

    Just keep passing your classes and have the best last semester you possible can. The benefits of having a fun last semester of high school outweighs the consequences of not working your hardest.


Congratulations RJR seniors!!!