Everything You Need to Know About the Mercury Retrograde

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Everything You Need to Know About the Mercury Retrograde

Jeda Lee, Staff Writer

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The stars are always aligning, whether it be through your birthday or just how the days go by. The stars and the planets are always moving around doing something and starting December 3, going all the way to December 22, the planet Mercury will be in retrograde.

   When a planet goes into retrograde, it looks like the planet is moving backwards; the core illusion of retrograde. It looks that way due to the relative positions of the planet and earth and how they move around the sun.

   Astrology and how the planets are lined up can indirectly affect our moods. Mercury retrograde is a particularly brutal one that brings little happiness or goodness in life during its time in retrograde.

    When Mercury is in retrograde, you will feel that feeling of everything that could go wrong might go wrong. Communication during the retrograde will go downhill. Conversations may turn into full fledge arguments and ethical debates. Mercury rules technology, travel and communication, so all of these areas can start taking a turn for the worst.

  Big things to beware of are long distance travels and technology. Confirm all your holiday traveling because planes are susceptible to delays during this time. Also check your cars for any problem and make sure your GPS is up to date. Technology can be disrupted during the retrograde, so make sure you backup any and all important things on your devices!

   To try to prevent some of these mishaps, try not to start anything new. Focus on what’s already there in front of you and expand on that. Review, review, review; review any and everything before you sign or send it off.

   Some old pesky crushes or exes may come back into your life, try to rekindle any friendships; it will work out for the best, maybe.

   During the retrograde things are in flux. Not everything during this time will be bad, you will get sharper and more open minded. Do not let this natural phenomenon stop you, but do proceed with caution. Finish things you’ve started and open new doors, nothing last forever and in the end everything will be fine. Happy Mercury retrograde and good luck!