Assault Victims Continue to Come Forward

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Assault Victims Continue to Come Forward

Sophia Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

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    The accusations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein have started a Domino Effect throughout Hollywood. As more and more women come forward, a number of powerful men in Hollywood fall. From Louis CK to Matt Lauer, many of the women come forward with a similar story.

     All these men have power. Whether it’s in their industry or the media, this causes women to feel the need to stay silent and go through their pain alone. But seeing other women have the courage to come forward about their experiences with sexual assault opens the door for more women in and out if the entertainment industry to take a stand.

    Senior Claire Kindsvater has been keeping up with all the accusations and sends encouragement  for the women who have taken a stand.

    “I think it’s great that women feel empowered and safe enough to (come forward),” Kindsvater said. “It has become a controversial topic in the news, instead of being overlooked and ignored.”

    There is no excuse for the men who took advantage of their subordinates which results in fear and as a result, compliance. Any man or woman who is accused of any type of assault should be tried in court before their accusations are brushed off by fans.

    It is disgraceful to women that it took countless accusations against countless men to garner an advocacy for change. Women have been treated as if their only value is in their sexuality.

    It is imperative to take this opportunity to speak for all people who have been sexually assaulted. This has been a taboo subject for too long but it cannot be ignored anymore. Those with the power to affect change: it is your time to step up and use your voice.

   “Training in the workplace and awareness in the community can help. Awareness can combat the feeling of superiority some assaulters feel,” Kindsvater said.

    Now that women have started to speak up, there is a chance for a whole different workplace dynamic and the opportunity to show the consequences of sexual assault.