Why Migos Should Be Cast as the 3 Hyenas: A Comprehensive Analysis


I will be honest, when I first caught wind of a Lion King remake, I scoffed in disgust. Why take a modern day classic, hell, an all-time classic, and add some flashy new animation, and irrevocably ruin it’s nostalgic sentimentality?

   This Lion King movie has the potential to be a lethargic, over-priced, absolute mutilation of the original story. Disney announced it plans to use live-action animation, similar to that seen in the most recent Jungle Book movie. This means the classic fuzzy Disney animation will be exchanged for a lifelike rendition of Timon and Pumba. And I am just not sure how I feel about that.

   As a recoiled and reconciled from the news of the reboot, Disney dropped another bomb via Twitter. On a seemingly docile Wednesday afternoon, the cast was revealed to the public. And man-oh-man is it star studded. I am talking Beyonce as Nala, Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) as Simba, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa, and James Earl Jones as Mufasa(!). See the full release below.

    This changes things. No longer does this seem like a halfhearted money-grab, now it feels like a full-hearted money grab… that could also be wildly entertaining. Twitter uproariously applauded the casting choices, and I’ll have to agree, they pretty much nailed it. Except for one notable exclusion from the list

    I will grant this movie permission to pass under one stringent condition. Migos as the 3 Hyenas. No exceptions. And if you can’t see the genius behind this casting choice, then feel free to exit this article immediately. I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain myself here, but for the sake of journalistic integrity, I will give you my full case for why the Migos can save this potentially flawed remake.

    There are three Migos; there are three Hyenas.

    This may seem obvious to some, but for those who are oblivious to the Atlanta-based rap conglomerate, Migos, I will give you a quick introductions. The Migos comprise of Quavo, the crooning trap star who carries the melodic weight of the group, Offset, a rhythmic tactician who can obliviate any beat with his dexterous lyrics and flow, and lastly (of course), Takeoff. Many forget about Takeoff, a subtly brilliant cultural icon who popularized the sporadic rap pattern that has become synonymous with the Migos.

    Each “Migo” has there own unique contribution to the group, similar to the 3 hyenas. Each Migo is accustomed to the pressures of vocal performance, making them perfect candidates for a high-budget Disney film. The Migos often grunt and howl in the background of their songs, which I have now concluded was an unconscious preparation for this monumental role. Lastly, the Migos want in on the film, as seen by Quavo’s most recent tweet.


Disney, make it happen and you will forever be in my good graces. Just think about it.