New Taylor, Better Taylor

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New Taylor, Better Taylor

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Taylor Swift has alway been known as the sweet, southern girl in the music industry. After the release of Kanye West’s song, ‘Famous’, that started to change. An argument started between the two musicians over whether or not Swift approved of alyric about her that West used in his song. West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West exposed Swift as a liar and Swift got the reputation of being a snake.

To promote her new album, Swift used a snake. When fans saw this, they were sure she would address the drama in her new album. Considering Swift is known for calling out people in songs, usually ex-boyfriends, it wasn’t exactly a surprising move from Swift.

Swift released the single, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ on August 24th. The song has been met with a largely positive reaction, leaving fans anxious for her new album, ‘Reputation’, which she is set to release on November 10th.

This new song is a very different style than her normal songs, but it was time for Swift to branch out and try something new. By doing this she can appeal to a new audience in addition to her usual fans. It also allows her to show a new side of herself to the media. In the song, there is a line that refers to the “old Taylor” being dead. This line caused fan’s jaws to drop, and the inclusion of this line made it very clear that the intention of this song was to take control of her own reputation.

“I like how it seems that she’s being more of her real self than the person she has portrayed herself as for many years,” senior Sarah Rice said, “All her songs have been very similar throughout her career so for her to release a song that it totally different is really exciting for me and her other fans.”

It’s nice to see Swift do something different and be more edgy than she’s been in the past. Seeing her call out some of the biggest people in the industry is very new and helps everyone understand who the “new Taylor” is because the “old Taylor” would have probably just apologized and went back to singing about her boyfriends.

Swift is trying new things and she’s taking risks. She surely knew that when she released the song that many people would be angry with her, especially the West’s, but she wanted to share her side of the story and wouldn’t let anyone stop her.

By taking this risk, Swift has gained a lot of respect from people who may or may not have liked her before. One thing is for sure, Taylor Swift is taking charge of her image and changing it for better or for worse.