Welcome to Pine Whispers Online

Fleet Wilson: Editor in Chief
Megan Curling: Editor in Chief

Let’s be honest here, you haven’t seen much of this website. As journalism shifts to a quicker, cleaner format, Pine Whispers has fallen behind the curve. Print media is on the steady decline and the presence of a reputable online student news source has become a necessity in the modern world. You may not have read Pine Whispers on this format, but you probably haven’t been in the routine of picking up a physical paper either. The potential for Pine Whispers is undeniable, and we are working to arm our staff writers with all the tools necessary to provide you with engaging student journalism that is unrivaled in the surrounding community. Be on the lookout for a constant stream of current events, interesting local features, pertinent school updates, comprehensive game recaps, up-to-date pop culture reviews, scathing op-eds, and so much more. I’d like to thank you for returning to our readership this year, and welcome to the new Pine Whispers Online.