Artist in the Spotlight: Kimberlee Mykel Thompson

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Artist in the Spotlight: Kimberlee Mykel Thompson

Sophia Fitzgerald

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By Sophia Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

Junior Kimberlee-Mykel Thompson is not only immersed in the arts at Reynolds, but she is a co-captain of the Dancing Boots and she is a member of A Capella.

“(Thompson) knows exactly what to say to the team to encourage everyone to be their best,” Parker Burrow, a fellow co-captain of the Boots, said.

Thompson has loved being a part of the Boots at Reynolds. She has been able to improve as a dancer and  make new friends at Reynolds. Thompson has been dancing for 10 years and believes that has helped shape her to be the person she is today.

“Dance gives me an opportunity to express myself and I love how you can always get better at it,” Thompson said.   

Being a part of Boots has been an honor to Thompson. She is proud to be involved in such a big tradition at Reynolds. Thompson has been a member since her freshmen year.

“She has such a positive and friendly attitude that it’s so easy for the team to listen to her and have fun at the same time,” Burrows said. “She has definitely helped me and the team grow as dancers because she is such an experienced dancer that she knows what looks best and how to help everyone improve.”

Along with being in the dancing boots, Thompson is in A Capella.  Thompson said that she enjoys being a member of a Capella because it is like a family. She is in Syncopate, the exclusively female a Capella group at Reynolds.

“Everyone is so talented and we’re all encouraging of each other,” Thompson said. “It’s a really positive environment.”

Thompson loves singing and being in a Capella because singing makes her feel free.

“It’s just you, the stage and your voice so I usually try to leave it all on the stage,” Thompson said.

Michael Martinez,  Thompson’s A Capella teacher at Reynolds, believes that Thompson’s participation in a Capella has helped her become a stronger vocalist.

“She has impacted me greatly. She came in and immediately stepped into a role of leadership amongst her peers in the alto section,” Martinez said. “She brings a really great attitude to rehearsal on a daily basis.”

 Thompson was also in last year’s production of ‘Hairspray’ where she played played Little Inez.

 “(‘Hairspray’) has been my favorite thing I’ve done, hands down,” Thompson said. “It was my first time acting and I’ll never forget it.”

Thompson believes being part of the arts at Reynolds has been very beneficial to her and helped her grow as a performer. She’s been exposed to new forms of art such as acting.

“I think I’ve gained a lot of confidence in myself from the arts program,” Thompson said. “All the teachers push you to be better and reach your full potential.”

Along with participating in the arts, Thompson does service work through Girls’ Council and Crosby Scholars and is in National Honor Society.

Thompson loves being involved in Reynolds arts and it has helped to define her high school experience and her time at Reynolds.