Athlete of the Month: Mysta Goodloe

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Athlete of the Month: Mysta Goodloe

Jeda Lee

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Thursday nights usually consist of homework, texting, or just spending time at home, but for sophomore and JV quarterback Mysta Goodloe it is the complete opposite:  he is tuned in on the field, thinking about each play and how he will help lead the team to victory.mysta-infographic

Although Goodloe is still young, he knows exactly what he wants to do after high school and college.

“Going pro is most definitely plan A,’ Goodloe said. “But plan B is providing for my family and helping my kids fulfill their dreams.”

From a young age it was already known that Goodloe was talented. He started playing flag football when he was six years old but actually started playing with equipment when he was seven.

“My pops did [got me interested in football]. My pops played football all his life. We used to watch his old high school tapes,” Goodloe exclaimed. “ Plus my brother was pretty good at it so I thought I would be too.”

Goodloe started his football career with the Lewisville Titans and then moved to the Winston-Salem Greyhounds. Even then he put in a great deal of  work to do well in the sport.

“I think Mysta has what it takes to be a leader because he has taken us through a 6-0 season so far and he’s showing improvement to his game. Not only on a JV level but on a varsity level as well,” sophomore and fellow teammate Nasir McDaniel said.

According to his teammates, Goodloe is a football master. He can tell you the opposing team’s play before they even do it. That special ability is what helps JV win. He shows awesome leadership qualities on and off the field. Whether it be calling out game winning plays or being a good example in the classroom; his teammates agree that he is a good leader.

“I feel like I get along with everyone and I want them to be at their best. Therefore I feel like most of my teammates trust me leading the team,” Goodloe said.  

With Goodloe’s striking qualities such as the ones he has, his friends feel as if he could make it big given that  going pro is a goal of his.

“Yes,  Mysta has what it takes to make it big! My boy is a 6’1,  bow-legged monster already,” McDaniel joked.  

There is one thing that all the boys on the team can agree on; Goodloe is a great hypeman.

“I bring confidence and hypeness to the team,”  Goodloe said. “I get my players hype all the time.”  

Being quarterback has its pros and cons, but Goodloe is able to look past the cons.

“My favorite part about being quarterback is being able to move the ball in a matter of seconds without having to run,” Goodloe said.

“Mysta is my quarterback on JV,  he brings us a player. He’s our guy,”  McDaniel said.

Goodloe is a well rounded player with a love and passion for what he does. Goodloe is an irreplaceable player with a lot of respect from his teammates. He is their guy and will carry his talents with him as he advances to varsity.

“Football has taught me to think ahead, to adapt to the situation and cooperate with people you have very few things in common with,” Goodloe said. “But most of all, football has taught me that there is always a second down, unless you give them the ball on first down.”

Photo from: W/S Chronicle