Ashley Meise is a force in and out of the pool

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Ashley Meise is a force in and out of the pool

Sophia Fitzgerald

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Ashley Meise is a member of Girls’ Council and Youth and Government, she’s a Cross Country manager, a member of Crosby Scholars, a lifeguard and a member of Reynolds’ swim team.

“Her greatest strength is her incredible dedication to everything that she is involved in. Not only is she a stellar student, she also gives her all to her extracurricular activities as well,” Caroline Jones, RJR math teacher and swim team coach, said.

Meise works hard every day and sets a good example for the other swimmers. She wakes up every morning at five and goes to practice, a habit that takes a lot of dedication. She is always present and always supportive of her teammates.

“She’s a great leader, not only in swimming but also in her commitment to academics,” said sophomore Martha Dean, also a member of the Reynolds swim team.

Not only does she excel in extra-curriculars, she’s also a stellar student and has become a finalist for the Morehead-Cain Scholarship at Chapel Hill, a full ride to Chapel Hill that is offered to only 34 students in North Carolina.

“I started swimming (for a summer league) when I was seven because it looked fun and it was something all my friends were doing,” Meise said. “The next year I started swimming year round because I loved it so much.”

Meise’s encouraging attitude helps get the team excited and ready to work.

“She has a really positive influence on the team as a whole. She is always upbeat and happy at our dreadfully early morning practices,” Dean said. “She’s a fun and positive person to be around.”

As a leader, Meise strives to make her teammates better.

“Ashley is a great motivator and sets high standards for the team. She works to maintain that great family feel of the swim team, while also pushing everyone to do their best in the water,” Jones said. “I think many swimmers look up to her and respect her.”

Meise is always at swim meets cheering on her teammates form outside the pool. She pushes everyone to do their best in and out of the water.

“Ashley is an extremely dedicated swimmer and an enthusiastic captain,” Jones said. “She is a great leader and is constantly offering support and encouragement to her fellow teammates.”

Meise was a junior captain last year and was voted to be one of the five captains again this year. Jones describes her as, “the glue that holds the captains together.”

Meise plans to continue swimming in college, whether it’s club swimming or just for fun. She will also continue coaching for the league that she has swam with since she was seven, the Chadwyck Flyers.

Meise is extremely dedicated, whether it be as a student or a swimmer.

“She works hard and does her best every single day,” Jones said.